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Hardware is something we just can’t get away from, whether it’s computers, laptops or mobile phones. With technology changing every day though, it can be hard to keep up, which is where the Totally Hardware Blog comes in. Click through the pages and enjoy reviews of the latest hardware and software releases, compare the differences between different smartphones, and check out the latest developments in

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Reaching the right audience

All companies have a need to find and promote their products to the right audience but many assume having an online presence is more than enough. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Marketing is of key importance for any business and, with more competitors online than your local high street, a greater focus is needed. Consumer information is just as useful but how do you

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Microsoft currently ruling the roost as far as tablets are concerned

Microsoft may not have been the first ones to debut a tablet, but they are devoted to the tablet genre now that they are deep into it. This is clearly shown by the release of the Surface Pro 2 which is a serious tablet designed to prove that the company means business.

The major problem with the original Microsoft Surface Pro was the fact that

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The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet

The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet is billed as a multimedia device and will run off of a slightly customised version of the Android 4.2.2 operating system. It measures either eight or ten inches and does not look like many other tablets on the market due to its long length.

The closest thing on the market to it would probably by the Apple Trackpad. It is

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Microsoft want HTC to keep producing their Windows phones

Microsoft is keen on ensuring that HTC continues producing their Windows phone. Microsoft is actually willing to waive the license fee it normally requires one to pay for using its mobile operating system. HTC has made Windows Phone handsets in the past with the most recent one being the HTC 8X and 8S, but according to the company, it has no plans to produce any

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LG the latest company to embrace flexible technology

LG has announced that soon it will start mass-production of the world’s first flexible Organic Light-emitting diode panel for use by smartphones and LG hopes to start selling the first lot of the handsets next year. This news comes a few days after Samsung announced that it wanted to launch the first of a special kind of Galaxy Note 3 edition within a month.


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Deciding which computer is best for you

Computers are mainly available in two varieties if we exclude tablets from this segment. This is because tablets can be an extension of and not a substitute of a PC. The two broad categories are desktop and laptop but today the distinction between them has blurred to a great extent making it difficult to categorize new products.

While laptops have diversified into small and lightweight

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Serious gamers will love the new Computer Planet ND 5000

For those who are serious gamers the best solution to a console might be a compact gaming PC that allows you to game without getting in anyone else’s way and also take your games on the road with you. The Computer Planet ND 5000 proves that you can have both without losing out on power in any way. This is due to the fact that

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GPS bike computers reach a new level

It was only a matter of time before GPS bike computers would become more reasonably priced to match the cordless computers that are driven by a wheel sensor, but CatEye should get some credit for being the first to do so with the creation of their Stealth 10.

Without any sensors or wires the GPS is actually quite easy since the only thing you have

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New TV streaming dongle gives consumers a cheaper alternative

A new web television streaming dongle is set to rival Apple TV and other streaming television boxes, offering consumers a much cheaper alternative to stream television. The dongle is named the Chromecast and allows viewers to steam video straight onto their television via a Wi-Fi network, tablet, smartphone, or even the Google YouTube app.

The Chromecast device can also be utilized as a remote control

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Latest Lenovo ThinkPad is a real competitor in the ultrabook market

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the first time that the ThinkPad line has actually been able to launch a product that competes with the ultrabook and other thin laptops. While the original ThinkPad X1 was touted as being a slim and sleek laptop, when compared to other competitors it had a poor battery life, the connectivity was awkward, and the glass was too reflective

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